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Kindness in Action Returns to San Juan del Sur

For the second year in a row, a group of caring dentists and dental hygienists from Alberta came to help out the people of the areas where the NCF works. These dentists from Alberta spent two weeks working in less than favourable conditions to clean, fill and occasionally extract teeth. This time, the team was based in Ostional, to better serve the many small communities nearby. This meant a one-way commute of an hour and a half each way on a dusty and very bumpy road. No one complained and many patients were seen by the hard-working crew. A group of non-dental volunteers who accompanied them also managed to paint two classrooms while they were there! Many thanks to Kindness in Action from the NCF!

Los Pipitos

Los Pipitos is our school/centre for disabled children/adults in San Juan del Sur. We first opened Los Pipitos in 2008, after we raised enough money to renovate and furnish an old, abandoned building. The school has garnered much interest since that time, but has also undergone growing pains. One of most intractable difficulties has been the costs associated with the school's day-to-day operational costs. Everyone loves to build schools, but paying for their maintenance and upkeep is not nearly so much fun! The NCF has committed to paying for all costs for a period of one year. This will include two teachers' salaries, a breakfast program, a school bus and driver and all necessary costs for maintenance of the building.

Our goal for Los Pipitos is that by the end of March, 2015, we will have found enough sponsors to pay for the school's costs (about $700/month). We will be looking for sponsors both from Nicaragua and Canada. We are hoping to find either businesses or individuals who would be willing to commit to paying a small portion of these costs(approximately $50/month). Los Pipitos is a valuable addition to the community of San Juan del Sur. The kids who come every day to play and learn at Los Pipitos have nowhere else to go as the public school is unable to accommodate them. If you, or someone you know, would be willing to be a sponsor, please let us know!

 The Preschool at Miravalle gets a Latrine!

Ever wondered how you would go about building a latrine? Well, here are a few photos to help get you started on your very own DIY project for the upcoming holidays. And if you need any help, you can always ask the good people of Miravalle, because they clearly know what they're doing! This latrine is thanks to a donation from Ray Raverty of Vancouver, BC.

Great news-

the annex to Los Pipitos has been completed! We have just received the first pictures of it from our agent, Veronica, and are very pleased to be able to show them to everyone. Thank you, once again, to Elsie Elder for her very thoughtful and generous contribution which she made on behalf of her daughter, Elisabeth, who passed away in December 2012. Elisabeth's photo can be seen at right.  The new annex is really going to make a difference to the people who attend and work in Los Pipitos

Some updates..

We are very pleased to announce a few new donors!

Elsie Elder, who on behalf of her daughter, Elisabeth Rose Elder, donated $6,000. This donation will be used to build an annex on Los Pipitos, our school for the disabled. The annex will be for preschoolers, who need a separate space to play and learn. We have hired a contractor and building has already begun! We greatly appreciate Elsie's kind offer to help Los Pipitos.

Joy Susanna Wood, who took the initiative to hold her own fundraiser for Los Pipitos last week. She managed to raise over $1,000 (Australian). Congratulations, Joy!

Bernard Eberlein, of Thank You Products, who added the NCF to a list of partnered charities. In the first two months, Bernard's company raised over $200 from his Vancouver Island customers for our foundation. Thank you very much, Bernard!

Good news from Miravalle!

Opening celebrations for the new preschool were held on August 6, 2013. Despite a bout of food poisoning, Chad and Cassie Phillips represented the NCF and even made a speech in Spanish for the first time. Many thanks to both! They continue to amaze us with their commitment to helping Miravalle. We (and the people of Miravalle) will be forever grateful to them both for everything they've done. 

The Preschool in Miravalle is Finished!

Congratulations to everyone involved. It was a lot of work and much of it had to be done during the rainy season. Many people chipped in to make this dream a reality for the little community. Special thanks to Chad and Cassie Phillips for their fundraising efforts! Chad and Cassie took on this project happily and saw it through to the end, despite many difficulties along the way. We are very grateful to them both!

 Building a Preschool for Miravalle

The Nicaragua Children’s Foundation is pleased to announce that on May 10, construction will begin on a preschool in the small town of Miravalle, Nicaragua! Chad and Cassie Phillips, with the help of others in their hometown of Camrose, Alberta, have raised over ten thousand dollars, which will be enough to build Miravalle’s first preschool. Chad and Cassie have been on several trips to San Juan del Sur, and spent some of their time there helping to repair the Ojochal preschool’s roof. Chad and Cassie will be travelling to Nicaragua to help with the preschool’s construction on May 10. Miravalle is a small rural town outside of San Juan del Sur. Currently, Miravalle has one (very small) elementary school and no preschool—the people of Miravalle are very much looking forward to this new addition to their community. Thank you, Chad, Cassie, and the residents of Camrose, Alberta! The Nicaragua Children’s Foundation will continue to provide updates as this project goes forward (please look in the “Projects” tab for the latest news on Miravalle’s preschool).

 Kindness in Action comes to Nicaragua

KIA is a group of dedicated and caring dentists and dental hygienists from Alberta, Canada, led by Amil Shapka. A total of more than 40 people showed up to help out the people of our projects in March 2013. They worked very hard, under adverse conditions, doing fillings, cleanings and extractions for both adults and children. We are very grateful that they were able to find the time to come to Nicaragua and to work with our foundation and hope they'll consider coming back one day! 

 Pictured here are some of the women from our Ojochal microloan project at the Turning on the Lights celebration.

Celebration of the electricity project, October 26, 2012

It took a very long time, but with the help of the Mayor of SJDS, we finally managed to get electricity into Ojochal. We've put a few photos of the event on the page marked "Ojochal" under the Events tab.

We recently had two volunteers from Seattle who spent some time working out in Ojochal and Miravalle. Here's what they had to say about their experience there: 

Our experience with the Nicaraguan Children’s Foundation was exceptional. Four words came to mind afterwards: Do Good. Feel Good. The work you’ve done in that area is astounding. Although we didn’t have an opportunity to see the school in the town, we met a man at Pali who worked with the Special Needs school and felt like we were a part of the organization. Oliver, Martin, Percy, the driver, and especially Veronica were the height of professionalism with a huge helping of compassion. Once we connected with Veronica we knew our dream was going to come true. Not only did she direct our mission and guide us in what to buy for these two families, but she gave us Spanish lessons all along the way! The whole experience was amazing and I highly recommend that anyone who is remotely considering either a trip to Nicaragua or doing some good in the world, hook up with the Nicaraguan Children’s Foundation for direction on how their benevolence can be put to the best use.

Eliza and I are committed to doing this again but with a group of people next time. Thank you for letting our dream merge with your dream.

By Kim Hornsby, Seattle WA

Elisabeth Rose Elder (photos courtesy of Elsie Elder)

NCF in the News

 The link below will take you to an online news site called DIPLOMATIC ASPECTS NEWSPAPER - YOUR EUROPEAN, INTERNATIONAL AND DIPLOMATIC NEWS. It is an article on organizations and people working for children in Nicaragua and it mentions the NCF! The article talks about the new preschool in Miravalle, the electricity in Ojochal and Kindness in Action. We were pretty surprised to see it!